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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Hand-Holding Is Now a “Gateway Sexual Activity” in Tennessee

| On 13, Apr 2012

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Lawmakers in Tennessee have to be bored on the job. Something is not right in the water there.

The state senate recently passed SB 3310 that makes some changes to the state’s sex education curriculum that includes abstinence. The lawmaking body now defines hand-holding and kissing as “gateway sexual activities.”

I wish I was kidding about this. Sadly, I’m not.

Oh yeah, and teachers are not allowed to instruct or demonstrate to students what hand-holding either. They can be sued, according to Daily Kos

I understand that Tennessee is a conservative state, but this is taking it a bit too far. We live in an age where a teen can pull up videos of much more than hand-holding just on their smartphone. What do these lawmakers think 10th graders are texting each other about? (Hint: It ain’t about Algebra!)

I’m shocked that we are even discussing this in 2012. It’s sobering to know that hand-holding now sends young teens straight to the delivery room. Lol.. Is this 1872 now?



What do you think of Tennessee’s new take on hand-holding and kissing in the sex education curriculum?

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