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Harmless Democratic Protesters Frighten the Piss Out of Romney (VIDEO)

| On 18, Jun 2012

Mitt Romney has on a bus tour through some key states lately spreading his message of economic freedom, small government, and disdain for President Obama.

On a swing through Pennsylvania, the presumptive GOP candidate decided to reroute his tour a bit after protesters from showed up to a gas station where his entourage was supposed to stop to re-fuel.

When I heard the story, it seemed as though a large, angry crowd was almost ready to storm the bus and flip it over. But, when I watched the B-roll footage from CBS News, I saw nothing of the sort.

The scene looked almost like a retirement community came out to heckle the man. Some people were sitting in lawn chairs and everyone was peacefully demonstrating. They chanted in unison .. “Hey hey .. ho ho .. Mitt Romney’s got to go .. hey hey .. ho ho!”

Romney couldn’t take the heat from a softball crowd like this? I’ve seen more aggression in a room full of nuns.

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