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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Herman Cain Dumps His Gingrich Endorsement In Favor of Romney

| On 17, Apr 2012

Herman Cain is not here for Newt Gingrich and his never-ending atrocity of a political campaign. (Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Never thought I’d say that I wholeheartedly agree with former presidential candidate Herman Cain on something, but the day has come.

Cain announced in a radio interview on Tuesday with WMAL-AM/FM in D.C. that he is now supporting Mitt Romney in his quest to become the GOP nominee this fall. It’s a sort of abrupt 180-degree pivot from his backing of fellow Georgian Newt Gingrich earlier this year.

Cain broke down his feelings about Gingrich in the race in the same way many of our readers have. He said in the interview:

“To Newt Gingrich I would say, ‘Speaker Gingrich, with all due respect, let’s get on with this, OK?,” Cain said.

“I even endorsed Newt Gingrich at one point because I thought he had a shot. Well, not now. He doesn’t have a shot,” he added. [SOURCE]

Well damn! How about that honesty?

Cain isn’t lying though. Nothing but Gingrich’s pride is keeping him attached to his failed bid for president. There isn’t a poll out showing that he has a chance in hell of getting anyone’s nomination.

Gingrich needs to cut his massive losses and realize this is not going to be his moment in the sun. It is what it is.



Do you agree with Herman Cain’s choice to switch endorsements from Gingrich to Romney?

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