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Hillary Beamed As She Watched Bill Clinton at the DNC (VIDEO)

| On 17, Sep 2012

Hillary Clinton Secretary of State Bill Clinton Democratic National Convention

(Photo by the U.S. Department of State)

Here is an official photo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton taking in the speech her husband made to the Democratic National Convention on September 5.

As a rule, Secy. Clinton stayed far away from the convention because in her capacity as a diplomat she doesn’t mix politics with her job. During the DNC, she could be found in the Cook Islands in the Pacific Ocean, Russia, and China — all on official business.

At least from the photo, it looks like Hillary is proud of the job Bill did at the convention in Charlotte. Hopefully, he’ll speak again in 2016 when it’s time for HER to accept the presidential nomination. Ahhh, wishful thinking….

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