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Prune Juice Media | April 18, 2014

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Hillary Clinton Chugs a Beer and Dances in Colombia (PHOTO)

| On 16, Apr 2012

Diplomacy has driven Secy. of State Hillary Clinton to throw back a beer or two in Colombia. (Photo by STR - AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

It seems that the entire U.S. delegation wasn’t moping around about the prostitution scandal right before the Summit of the Americas started.

Check out these new photos of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton getting her drink and dance on at Club Havana in Cartagena, Colombia over the weekend.

Secy. Clinton threw all ladylike rules out the window when she took a “cerveza” straight to the head in front of photographers. This is a woman under some stress! lol…

Is Hillary Clinton doing the Wobble? If so, I'm completely done............... (Photo by STR - AFP/GETTY IMAGES)



Do you think the photos of Hillary Clinton partying in Colombia are becoming of the nation’s highest diplomat? Provide your honest thoughts. 


  1. ybl

    opps I meant Hilary

  2. ybl

    They are gonna have a field day with this! Hikary gone wild!

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