Hillary Clinton Makes Headlines For Wearing No Makeup (PHOTOS)

| On 09, May 2012

Hillary said to hell with her MAC makeup case in her recent overseas trip. LOL! (Photo by Adnan Abidi / Reuters)

This has to be one of the most ridiculous stories I have heard …. in the past week or so.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a trip overseas in the past few days and somehow her makeup made more headlines than her diplomatic mission.

Clinton appeared in public with no makeup on except for some red lipstick. Her hair was natural and some streaks of gray could be seen. But, somehow the press thought this was a major headline.

I’ll admit when I first saw the pictures, I couldn’t tell that Secy. Clinton was without makeup. She’s never struck me as dipping her face in war paint 24/7 like .. say .. Kim Kardashian. She seems like the type that will pick and choose when she needs to doll herself up. No problem with that…

I just don’t want Clinton to get any big ideas and think that she can throw away all of her makeup now. I’m not going to give her that much wiggle room (as evidenced by the photo below). But, people really do need to leave her alone about this silly topic.

This close-up picture is a little less kind to Hillary. But, you have to give her credit for embracing the "natural her." (AP Photo by Pavel Rahman)

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