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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Hurricane Sandy Throws Wrench In Presidential Campaigns

| On 30, Oct 2012

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The former Hurricane Sandy dealt a blow not only to residents all up and down the Eastern seaboard, but to the presidential campaigns.

As New York City and other major areas reel from the cleanup efforts, both the Obama and Romney campaigns have had to either alter or completely scrap their messages for potential voters.

Obviously, neither campaign has been able to set foot in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast for events because of grounded flights, closed roads, and interrupted mass transit. So, their surrogates, and even Romney himself sometimes, have made appearances in the Midwest and other battleground states around the country to continue the push toward Election Day.

President Obama started off Monday in Florida and decided to cancel his scheduled appearances there, and in Virginia and Ohio to return to Washington, D.C. and monitor then-Hurricane Sandy. Smart move on his part because he looked really presidential staying on top of the storm.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney campaigned in Ohio on Monday and changed up his speech a bit to be compassionate to those caught up in Sandy. He actually delivered a message of unity during national crisis … something VERY different than the message he’s spewed before the storm hit. Romney canceled his trip to New Hampshire on Tuesday because of the weather.

In a nutshell, Sandy has altered the momentum of both campaigns. It put President Obama on display as an effective leader while making Romney walk on eggshells to make his case for president in the middle of a natural disaster.



How do you think Superstorm Sandy will affect the final outcome of the presidential campaigns, if at all? 

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