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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Hypocrite Mitt Romney Hits Pres. Obama About Harvard Education

| On 05, Apr 2012

Once again, one of the GOP candidates has strangely hit President Obama over the head about his path in higher education. This time, Mitt Romney, is the culprit.

In a speech at his Pennsylvania campaign headquarters on Thursday, Romney said:

“We have a president, who I think is is a nice guy, but he spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps.”

I guess Romney thinks that Pres. Obama earning his J.D. from Harvard University took too much time away from “real life” for him to know how to handle Americans’ problems.

“Mitty” must have forgotten that he ALSO went to Harvard University and earned not one, but TWO degrees from the institution. He completed a combined J.D./MBA from the school that required four years of study to the president’s three years for law school.

And since when did studying at one of the most elite universities in the world become a scarlet letter?

Mitt also missed the point that Pres. Obama is already three years ahead of him in the “presidential experience” category. So, Romney’s arguments make little to no sense.

When I tell you these GOP candidates stay reaching for something to knock the president about?! Their glass houses always get in the way, though.



Do you see a problem with the president or a candidate receiving an Ivy League education? 

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