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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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In June, Cash Rained Harder On Romney Campaign Than Obama’s

| On 09, Jul 2012

Mitt Romney Election 2012 happy money smile

Money makes Mitt Romney smile. He’s raising a ton of it for his campaign. (Photo credit unknown)

There’s one clear area where Mitt Romney is killing President Obama when it comes to the November election … cold hard CASH!

Republicans have long been known as the “money party” and this is most evident in this year’s campaign fundraising. Once Romney was essentially solidified as the GOP’s presumptive nominee in April, the money began pouring into his campaign.

For June, Romney was playing no games getting his campaign’s account filled to the brim. He and the Republican National Committee pulled in an impressive $106 million during that time period.

President Obama and the Democratic National Committee, on the other hand, raked in $71 million in June. That’s not a bad figure, but clearly Romney is running circles around his fundraising efforts. The good thing for the president is that he has far more money in his campaign’s bank account.

Remember, the tallies are only available through June. We still have until early November to get to the election. Imagine the amounts of money the candidates will not only raise but blow through between now and then. All of these web, TV, and radio ads, plus staff and travel are NOT cheap!



Why do you think Mitt Romney is raising so much more cash at this point in the campaign than President Obama?

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