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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Indiana’s Sen. Lugar Lets the GOP Have It After Primary Loss

| On 09, May 2012

After his primary loss, Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar has some strong words for the GOP. (Photo by Darron Cummings / AP)

Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Indiana) has a bone to pick with the Republican Party and he made it known in a public way.

After Tuesday’s primary in the state, Lugar lost to Tea Party-backed Richard Mourdock, the state’s treasurer, in the race to see who will make the ballot for Senate in November. In a nutshell, conservative interest groups came together to oust the six-term senator. Lugar caught a lot of heat because other Republicans painted him as too moderate for the growing conservatism of GOP voters.

In a post-primary statement, Sen. Lugar unleashed on his party in a professional, but direct way. Here’s a snippet:

“If Mr. Mourdock is elected, I want him to be a good Senator. But that will require him to revise his stated goal of bringing more partisanship to Washington. He and I share many positions, but his embrace of an unrelenting partisan mindset is irreconcilable with my philosophy of governance and my experience of what brings results for Hoosiers in the Senate.

His answer to the inevitable roadblocks he will encounter in Congress is merely to campaign for more Republicans who embrace the same partisan outlook … This is not conducive to problem solving and governance. And he will find that unless he modifies his approach, he will achieve little as a legislator.[FULL TEXT]

Well damn!

Lugar went on to rail against the growing and unsustainable ultra-conservatism in the Republican Party. I have to say that even though I’m not a GOP member, what the senator said made a lot of sense. Republicans have made it their mission to stop all progress in the name of defending their own skewed agendas. Balanced government cannot run in that fashion.

I’m glad that one of the party elders is “trying” to speak out against the growing craziness we see in government. I cannot say that Lugar has always been a part of the solution. However, defeat will make you look at things a lot differently.



Do you feel that Sen. Lugar is too late in speaking out against some of the fringe antics of the Republican Party?

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