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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Joe Biden Strikes a Questionable Pose With Biker (PHOTO)

| On 10, Sep 2012

Election 2012 Joe Biden biker Seaman Ohio

Umm, INAPPROPRIATE?! lol.. (AP Photo)

Dr. Jill Biden stood onstage last week in Charlotte and uttered some of the greatest words anyone ever said about her husband. She did her best to make the case for why he and President Obama need four more years in office.

Less than a week later, Vice President Joe Biden falls off the wagon (well, sorta) during a campaign stop over the weekend.

Biden visited with bikers in Seaman, Ohio where he seemed to get a little too cozy with one of the ladies in the group. I’m sure nothing was going on, but the optics of it were questionable.

Check out the immaculate side-eye the biker on the right gives the vice president and the lady! He is looking at them as if to say, “Hussies….” LOL!

I wonder what JILL said when she saw the picture. I’m gonna need the vice president to never get that comfortable with constituents.

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