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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Jon Huntsman Says Adios to the GOP Presidential Race, Endorses Romney

| On 17, Jan 2012

Since I’m playing catch up today on the site, I thought I’d drop off this piece of information.

And then there were FIVE….

Jon Huntsman, former Utah governor and candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, officially dropped out of the race on Sunday. He basically acknowledged that he couldn’t beat Mitt Romney in South Carolina, which (if he wins) will be Romney’s third straight “W” in this primary race.

In short, it takes money to stay out on the campaign trail. If you’re not winning, people won’t give money. And without money, the lights won’t stay on, toilets won’t flush, and people go hungry. It’s a very simple concept. Huntsman pulled out before he got too wrapped up in his rather clear losing streak.

He did what any respectable politician who wants to get in good with the front-runner would … he endorsed him! Jon Huntsman threw his support behind Mitt Romney as the remaining candidates head into the January 21 primary in South Carolina. 

The candidates debated for the first time on Monday in South Carolina without Huntsman. I missed the broadcast, but I’m sure it was just a tad easier to follow with one less person. That doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s the 3,495th debate in three months. We are not even going to go there.

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