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Jon Stewart Clowns Mitt Romney About European Trip (VIDEO)

| On 01, Aug 2012

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Jon Stewart and his team over at The Daily Show put together a hilarious package to describe the HORROR that was Mitt Romney’s recent trip to Europe.

Romney was supposed to go abroad, just in time for the Olympics, and flex his muscle as the U.S. candidate du jour for the presidency. Trips like these are not only to convince foreign audiences, but the candidates themselves, that they can stand on a world stage. It provides lots of optics for the campaign.

Well, the world stage laughed at Mitt Romney and he somewhat deserved it. He insulted the planners of the London games and tried to hold his experience at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics over their head, among other issues.

Check out Mitt’s major gaffes and stumbles while trying to appear so worldly. Leave it to Jon Stewart to call someone out. LMAO!

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