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Karl Rove Refused to Accept Obama’s Ohio Victory On-Air (VIDEO)

| On 07, Nov 2012

This was actually a bit of a funny, but sad moment on live TV on Tuesday night.

Republican strategist and mega-campaign contributor Karl Rove was NOT happy when the Ohio presidential results were reported on-air.

If you remember, Ohio was the state that carried President Obama over the 270 mark and into victory. This meant that all of the work that Rove did to ensure that Mitt Romney would coast to victory was now in vain.

He didn’t take that news well.

From the announcement, Rove scolded the anchors about reporting results too early. One of them walked down the hallway on live TV and asked their researchers about the validity of the Ohio call. They agreed (again) with the anchors using their data as evidence.

Basically, Rove made himself look like an ass on national television. Not a terribly hard job for him, but it was done.

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