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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Keith Olbermann Files $70M Lawsuit Against Current TV

| On 06, Apr 2012

This isn't the only salute Keith Olbermann is giving Current TV. I'm sure he's used his middle finger at some point. (Photo by Getty Images)

Keith Olbermann is not one to be played with … on TV or in the court room, it seems.

The former Current TV anchor has filed a $70 million breach of contract lawsuit against his employer that fired him last week. In the legal paperwork, he WENT IN on the network executives that include Joel Hyatt and former Vice President Al Gore.

In simple terms, he says his bosses didn’t know how to run a network.

According to the Los Angeles TimesOlbermann cites issues with show promotion, guest hosts, and technical difficulties during the broadcasts as some of his grievances. He says he was sold one version of how things would run at the network, but reality was much different. Olbermann claims he did not get the full control of the show he was seeking.

Current TV had some comments of their own. Mainly, they say Olbermann missed work, had contract breaches, and bad-mouthed executives.

Whew .. the gloves are off now and this is turning into more of a dirty street fight!



Do you think Keith Olbermann will win (or is deserving of) $70 million as a result of his severed relationship with Current TV? 

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