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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Keith Olbermann Fired From Current TV

| On 02, Apr 2012

Keith Olbermann is out at Current TV almost as quickly as he came in. (Photo credit unknown)

TV journalist Keith Olbermann is back in the unemployment line again after a rough ride at Current TV.

The network announced on Friday, that Olbermann had been let go.

In short, Current executives and the host disagreed on a wide range of things. Olbermann says that technical issues plagued the show and that concerns he and his manager brought up were never addressed.

Current TV says that Olbermann was difficult to work with, missed episodes, and wasn’t cooperative with some of the programming decisions. They even claim he tried to take a vacation day on March 5 this year, the day before the Super Tuesday primaries. If that’s true … who does that? It would be like President Obama going on vacation the night before the State of the Union address.

Olbermann claims that he will soon seek legal action against Current TV. I guess we will have to wait and see how this plays out. Current TV is run by former Vice President Al Gore and CEO Joel Hyatt.

This isn’t Keith’s first head-to-head with an employer. After eight years with MSNBC, Olbermann was fired in January 2011 over some of the same accusations. In that case, he had also been suspended two months prior for two days because he donated to political campaigns. In the world of mainstream news, they are supposed to be “neutral” .. which makes donations a clear violation.



Will you miss Keith Olbermann on Current TV? Or, did you miss his stint on the network altogether?

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