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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Lawmakers State the Obvious Saying The Senate Isn’t Working

| On 14, May 2012

One of the most dysfunctional places on Earth. smh... (Photo credit unknown)

I see some lawmakers continue to waste precious airtime on national networks saying things the American people have known for years.

The latest offenders are Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) who appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley.

During the interview, the three talked about standard legislative issues. Then they came to an agreement that many of the priorities the Senate would like to get done won’t happen by November. How reassuring!

The only thing the two of them agree on is that the Senate isn’t working. They still pointed the finger at the other party about who is the culprit.

Hell, a five-year-old could tell us that Congress is dysfunctional. That’s like saying the sky is blue with white puffy clouds. CNN didn’t need to waste a segment to come to that conclusion.

It’s really sad when gridlock the ONLY item two lawmakers can agree on. We, the American people, send these elected officials to Washington, D.C. to do a job. Many of them get there and forget who the real boss is and start playing partisan politics and kissing corporate asses.

I’d love to see a Senate that was younger and more responsive to real people’s needs. The minimum age requirement is 30 years old, but no one in the body is anywhere close to that young. The mindset seems so outdated. Like Durbin and Cornyn pointed out, they aren’t getting anything done.

In the real world, when people get paid and don’t work they get fired. I’m not understanding why a lot of these lawmakers still have jobs. Ugh…



Share some of your solutions, if any, to alleviate the gridlock in Congress. What would you do differently than is already being done? 

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