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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Map Shows Exactly Where the ’47 Percent’ Live

| On 18, Sep 2012

Mitt Romney tax Republican 47 percent

Mitt Romney’s supposed reaction to his campaign strategy. (Photo credit unknown)

People all over the blogosphere have jumped on Republican presidential candidate¬†Mitt Romney’s recently-leaked comments about the “47 percent” of the nation who are non tax-paying Obama supporters.

The Atlantic released a great article on Tuesday with an accompanying map showing exactly where the 47 percent of those not paying taxes live.

Among the top 10 states, only two of those states voted for Obama in 2008 — Florida and New Mexico. The other eight states — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Texas — all went for John McCain that same year.

The magazine took it a step further to clarify that the poorest of voters in these 10 states DID vote for Obama in en masse in 2008. However, their voter participation is lower than upper income voters who vote Republican far more often. A lot of the tax credits that keep the poorest from paying federal income taxes were passed under Republican presidents. Also, a lot of those poor people are WORKING poor, meaning that they are not just sitting at home waiting on a government check.

The main idea I pulled from the article is that Republicans are complaining about a group of people paying little to no taxes from policies THEY set. Also, these same complainers routinely benefit from “government assistance” in the form of tax breaks for upper income earners.

I love smart reporting.

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