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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Michele Bachmann Heads for the Exit Sign of the GOP Campaign

| On 05, Jan 2012

I’m telling you that God is knocking these prayer requests out the park this week!

Yesterday morning, much to America’s delight, Michele Bachmann stepped away from the GOP race for president. HALLELUJAH!!!

Technically, Shelly says that she is “suspending” her campaign. This means she will still be able to get federal matching funds for the amount she already raised. She can also jump back in the race if she wants to in the future. The latter is very unlikely because the longer someone is out of the race, then they’re only further punishing their campaign.

Now let’s explore exactly HOW BAD Michele lost in Tuesday’s contest. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I mentioned this on Wednesday.

  • Michele Bachmann was born in Waterloo, Iowa (Black Hawk County). Why did she come in 5th of 7 candidates in that county’s returns? She only got seven percent of the vote there.
  • Statewide, Bachmann did even worse only getting FIVE PERCENT of the vote and coming in 6th of 7 candidates. The only candidate she beat was Jon Huntsmann, the one who never even ran in Iowa. Damn, she took a beating!
  • These results come from the same woman who killed my email inbox for a month saying that she was touring all 99 Iowa counties ahead of the election. She touched the entire state and THAT was her result? Wow!

I know exactly where Bachmann went wrong. SHE DOESN’T LISTEN! She is crazy and stuck in a loop of believing her own truth. That’s not democracy, legislating, or simple leadership — no matter what the party affiliation.

Iowans were openly complaining at her rallies that she shook hundreds of hands but would IGNORE them if they questioned her about tough topics … while she was shaking their hands! How disrespectful is that? They took off work, waited in the cold, and sacrificed their schedules only for Bachmann to ignore them? That’s not how it works.

Iowans saw she was trying to pimp her connection to their state, but they let her ass have it! I’m glad. Her mama can tear up in the press conference all she wants to, but Iowans were hearing none of it in the caucuses.

Bachmann can go back to throwing stones at President Obama from her Congressional district in Minnesota. Hope this is a truly sobering lesson for someone who couldn’t see reality from up on her high-ass horse.

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