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Prune Juice Media | April 25, 2014

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Michelle Obama Appears at the Kids’ Choice Awards (PHOTOS)

| On 02, Apr 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama shows off a great new outfit at the Kids' Choice Awards. (Photo credit unknown)

First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters, Malia and Sasha, made appearances at the 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Mrs. Obama generated a nice amount of buzz for her outfit designed by Wes Gordon. She reminds us all the time that she fits in a lot of different situations from formal to casual. I love this look on her.

During the program, singer Justin Bieber and host Will Smith were hit with green slime, a sort of right-of passage on the show. Well, a little of that slime hit the First Lady. She was a good sport about it and seemed to have fun overall at the program.



What do you think of the First Lady’s ensemble at the Kids’ Choice Awards?


Check out some additional pics from the event:

First Lady Michelle Obama with daughters Sasha (l) and Malia. (Photo credit unknown)

Mrs. Obama gets a little slime intended for Justin Bieber and Will Smith. (Photo credit unknown)


  1. i like her attitude and her dressing she is setting great trend like is setting for its customers.

  2. ..It is also true that the importance of fashion has been strengthen by various other factors such as it is believed that being fashionable helps you ton achieve success by opening so many doors for an individual. ..

  3. She looks really attractive and I appreciate her for her stunning skin. 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards even was touchy due to her stepped there. Thanks for allocating in such input.

  4. Erika

    I do not think the outfit is very classy nor dignified. I would think as First Lady that would be a priority. Truthfully I think she needs an education in what to wear.

  5. Sue

    Michelle Obama showed very poor taste in her outfit. And she made the event more about her than the kids. She was trying to draw everyone'e attention and she did. Some people want any kind of attention, either positive or negative.

  6. Raisin

    THE SHIRT IS NOT SEE-THROUGH. Look closely. It has gold swatches in it that from the angle and flash of the camera appear similar to the first lady's skin complexion. I assure you that the sparkle in the gold made a determinable difference up close. I'm sure we have all found ourselves in pictures that portrayed us differently from our mirror–or even another camera from a different angle.

  7. Deporter

    Well whaddaya know……. the self-appointed food gestapo is also a cheap sleazy skank. Who know?

  8. lee

    You know you people are just jealous. It was totally inappropriate for you to say such a thing about the first place. Since you want to talk about dignity have some and some respect for your first lady. all that negativity that was written publicly you oughta be ashamed.

    • winstonsmith6079

      Respect is EARNED and a skin-tight, see-through outfit at a CHILDREN'S Awards doesn't cut it for me!

  9. Jimmy

    she needed an outfit to cover her big ass and look halfway fashionable. Well thats what she came up with without looking like Hillary Clinton.

  10. guest

    the First Lady needs to always dress with dignity, this outfit was another example of her unique perspective on her role, she obviously thinks she is a "celebrity" who can do whatever she chooses, not a first lady who must always be aware of her behavior

  11. Patty

    I at this point could care less what she wore, I care more about the amount of taxpayers money that this event cost us. Lets see…Skinny Jeans 349.99, Cardigan 859.69, Accommodations for her and her daughters plus security 765.350.49, Transportation plus limo and escorts 831.549.00 = 2806.5794.00 I hope they had a great time while the rest of America is just scraping by to pay their bills and loosing their houses.

    • Camilla

      Wrong on who pays for clothes honey and add source link for all your other "claims" dear.

  12. Susan

    Michelle Obama looks just like a hooker.
    Unbelievably unchic and cheap-looking..

  13. Babs

    Awful!!!! She is the First Lady and should dress with dignity, as does Princess Kate. this is too tight and too young and totally unflattering!!!! Horrible, Embarassing!!!

  14. Margaret

    I’m not sure she was competing with teenagers, although the look is way too young for her. I think it’s disturbing that although the attention was supposed to be on the awards, the kids, and the people who are so generous about furnishing what they need to succeed, for Mrs. Obama, it can be summed up as, “Look at me! Look at me!” Doing that PLUS dressing tastelessly for a First Lady — she will be very embarrassed in her later years. Heck, I’m embarrassed for her NOW.

  15. jan

    the outfit is beautiful and very cool but definitely not appropriate for the First Lady. She needs to fire her fashion consultant if she has one and hire one if she does not.

  16. Susan Slade

    How dare Michelle Obama to represent the United States of America in THAT horrible outfit!!!!!!

    • Danice

      what is so horrible about that outfit the first lady is wearing? apparently you have no sense of taste when it comes to fashion,IDIOT! did u want her to look like first lady Barbara Bush.
      Go sit you ass somewhere

      • Des

        Obviously to sit YOUR ass somewhere else would take at LEAST two (2) moves.

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    • wgeejhon

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