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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Michelle Obama Preaches About Voter Participation In CBCF Speech (VIDEO)

| On 24, Sep 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama was the featured speaker this past weekend at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Phoenix Awards Dinner.

She tore the house down!

For the predominantly black audience, the first lady honed in on voting rights and how important PARTICIPATION is in the political process. It couldn’t have been a more perfect topic with the election just over six weeks away. Even beyond November 6, Mrs. Obama’s words have importance. I feel that so many of “us” (African-Americans) miss the mark on making change in the system because we are frustrated or don’t feel as if we can make a difference.

Now what needs to happen is that everyone in that room with a platform needs to share the video of Mrs. Obama’s speech. As an African-American, it’s so refreshing to see the first lady push for a higher sense of awareness in our community.

Here’s my favorite quote of the speech regarding voter participation:

“So when it comes to casting our ballots it cannot just be “we the people” who had time to spare on Election Day. Can’t just be “we the people” who really care about politics, or “we the people” who happened to drive by a polling place on the way home from work. It must be all of us.”


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