Michelle Obama Tears the House Down in DNC Speech (VIDEO)

| On 05, Sep 2012

Words cannot describe the energy around First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Let me tell you that the mood INSIDE Time Warner Cable Arena was like none other.

As you may know, I’m onsite this week at the convention. I had the honor of taking in most of Tuesday’s speeches in-person. Mrs. Obama came with her game face on, ready to deliver, and sell the American people on why they should re-elect her husband.

The speech was easily the most memorable of Mrs. Obama’s time in the White House. She not only was a cheerleader for her husband’s work, but she eloquently painted a picture of him as her husband and father to their two daughters. By the end of the speech, the first lady was near tears as she talked about President Obama.

Someone sitting behind me was crying as Mrs. Obama spoke. People all over were shouting “HALLELUJAH!” and “PREACH!” as if it were a church service.

If you have not seen this speech in its entirety, take a few minutes and indulge yourself now.



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