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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Missouri Bill Allows Providers to Deny Contraception to Women

| On 17, May 2012

The GOP swears there is no real “War On Women.” But, reading the news lately will have you thinking a lot differently.

In Missouri, a bill passed the House that essentially allows medical providers to not provide contraception to women if their personal beliefs conflict with the request. Healthcare providers will not be punished for standing up for their beliefs, including not participating in abortions.

I’d love for some of the patients to say that paying for the doctor visits in any form “conflicts with their personal beliefs.” I bet the doctors would have none of that. They want their half of the business transaction as they see fit. Why can’t women have the same?

My best recommendation would be for women in Missouri would be to have several doctors on speed dial. That can get tricky, though, when insurance companies only authorize patients to see certain physicians in an area. Freedom of choice is still quite important.

The bill is now headed to the Missouri Senate for consideration before the Friday recess.



Ladies: Would you patronize a physician who would deny you birth control based on their personal beliefs? 

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