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Mitt Romney Belittles Obama With Foreign Policy Speech (VIDEO)

| On 09, Oct 2012

Mitt Romney is probably most popular as being governor of Massachusetts and a presidential hopeful several times over.

Foreign policy expert, however, is not on his resume. There isn’t too much you can do to deal with Iran from the statehouse in Boston.

But, Romney took a stab at it on Monday in a much-hyped foreign policy speech. As usual, he provided some great ideas that didn’t quite match up to the realities on the ground. His main focus seems to be to discredit President Obama just to look as different from him policy-wise as possible.

Let’s look at a few quick items:

  • Romney wants to spend more money out of the U.S. budget on defense. Yet at the same time, he complains how indebted we are to nations like China.
  • His focus on keeping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon sounds strangely familiar to George W. Bush’s run-up to the Iraq war with weapons of mass destruction.
  • Romney wants to spread freedom in the Middle East. Yet, he never acknowledges the sovereignty of those nations and the financial costs here at home.

As you watch the video, fast forward to about the 12:08 mark to see Romney begin to talk about his plan. This should provide some interesting fodder for their next debate on October 16.

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