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Mitt Romney Jacked Up the Price of a Photo With Donors

| On 01, May 2012

Mitt Romney is here to make cold hard cash off his supporters. Please believe it. (Photo credit unknown)

Mitt Romney is really feeling himself lately since he has all but locked down the GOP nomination for president.

One notable change in his campaign is in the amount he charges for individual photos with supporters. Romney is no more popular than he was a month ago when Rick Santorum was still in the race. He’s the leader in the race and that’s about it.

But, since Santorum is officially out, Romney did what any capitalist would do. He spiked the cost to get close to him for a photo. The old price was a $2,500 donation. Now it’s up to an individual or bundled donation of $10,000.

Let me remind you that PRESIDENT Barack Obama charges the same amount to take a photo with him. Romney cannot charge that much because he feels like he’s worth it. He’s only doing it because many of his donors are well-heeled and $10K is ashtray change for them.

If you were saving your $2,500 for the opportunity to hang your picture with Mitt on the wall, think again. That amount will now only afford donors general admission into events.



If you are/were a Republican and have/had $10,000 to donate, would you give it to Mitt Romney for a photo with him? Why or why not?

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