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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Mitt Romney Promises Six Percent Unemployment

| On 23, May 2012

Meet Mitt Romney ... the economic magician! (AP Photo)

Mitt Romney is saying exactly what he thinks the American people want to hear as he discusses the economy in a recent TIME interview.

The presumptive GOP nominee says that he thinks he can bring U.S. unemployment down to around six percent with the policies he wants to put in place. He constantly hammers President Obama about the current rates that have fluctuated between about 8-10 percent since he took office in January 2009.

I’m not mad at Romney for specifying what he thinks he can do for the American people.

For me, however, it doesn’t quite make sense how tax cuts in an already-broke nation are going to help spur economic development. Focusing on job creators only is not the answer. Also, cutting programs that help people in need won’t start the phones of the unemployed ringing with job opportunities.

I have always looked at the economy as so much bigger than any president or Administration. There are many factors at work that lead to the unemployment figures we get. There are systemic failures in our economy (i.e., educational preparedness) that are keeping people out of jobs. Companies are also afraid to invest here because of world markets and lower prices elsewhere, for instance.

So, please tell me when Mitt Romney informs Americans that he cannot twitch his nose to drop the unemployment rate when he feels like it.



Do you believe that Mitt Romney has the power to lower the unemployment down to six percent? 

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