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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Mitt Romney Racks Up Third Primary Win In Nevada Caucuses

| On 05, Feb 2012

Mitt Romney has a lot to smile about these days. His pile of money is silencing the hell out of the other GOP presidential candidates. (Photo credit unknown)

The tide is turning in the GOP primary race and it is increasingly not good for Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, or Ron Paul.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney put another hashmark in the win column on Saturday with a victory in the Nevada caucuses. He clearly has the most money in the race and has maintained the front-runner status for the longest amount of time.

But, if you look at the other candidates — Paul and Santorum, in particular — they have bet the bar on small states like Nevada as a come-up strategy to get the delegates they need. Their problem is one of momentum. The “small” state contests are so far along in the primary calendar that Romney gains more strength with each passing day. It’s kinda sad for Paul and Santorum.

Let’s not leave Gingrich out either. He continues to sputter as a candidate and simply cannot keep up with the avalanche of money coming from Romney and his supporters. He took a brutal hit in the Florida race and hasn’t been able to recover. What’s so bad about Gingrich, though, is he still thinks he has a fighting chance to challenge Romney until the convention in late August. (I’d suggest he start praying without ceasing now for that miracle). 

For those that missed it, here is the breakdown of the slaying that took place in Nevada on Saturday:

  • Winner:       Mitt Romney (48 percent of the vote)
  • 2nd place:    Newt Gingrich (23 percent)
  • 3rd place:    Ron Paul (18 percent)
  • 4th place:    Rick Santorum (11 percent)

The numbers don’t lie. Romney rolled into Nevada snatching every electoral wig he could find. ::sigh::


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