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Mitt Romney Underwhelms With Empty RNC Acceptance Speech (VIDEO)

| On 01, Sep 2012

It’s official.

Mitt Romney can finally call himself the Republican nominee for president of the United States. Long months of campaigning led him to his big moment on Thursday at the Republican National Convention.

Lots of anticipation was built for Romney’s speech. It was a kickoff address to the nation before he starts campaigning like crazy over the next two months.

I watched the speech live, but I felt as if a lot of the hoopla and anticipation was staged. The man accepted the nomination for the highest office in the nation, but gave us yet another speech about his life experiences. At this point, I could care less about the dating life that he and Ann Romney had back in 1892. I’m sure his five sons were great children, but their growing up is of little concern to the average voter.

The speech still gave us a great visual and yet another opportunity for Romney to bash President Obama. I just don’t think the viewer will walk away with a concrete idea of what really is Romney’s PLAN of presidential action.



After watching Mitt Romney’s RNC acceptance speech, what do you think of his ability to lead the United States?

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