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Mitt’s “Mental Well-Being” Worries Ann Romney If He’s President (VIDEO)

| On 02, Oct 2012

Ann Romney had somewhat of an unscripted moment on the campaign trail during an interview posted over the weekend with KTVN-TV in Reno, Nevada.

The wife of Mitt Romney says that she worries about “his mental well-being” should be elected president.

Let me help make this a little clearer for Ann. She needs to go ahead and tell her husband to leave the race now if she doesn’t think he is stable enough for the job. Campaigning looks like the easy part. What is he going to do when the weight of the world lands on his desk every single day?

In all fairness, I worry about ANYONE’S mental health if they assume the presidency because it seems like a job that takes a lot out of a person. Still, this is not the image anyone wants to portray as they seek office in five weeks.

The funny part is that as much as people write off Ann’s gaffes, she knows the man better than anyone. They have been married for 43 years. There’s some truth underneath all of this.

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