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Montana GOP Has Epiphany That Gays Aren’t Criminals

| On 19, Jun 2012

Gays in Montana can finally get “dusted off” in peace without being considered criminals by the GOP. (Image credit unknown)

The Montana GOP wants you to know they have turned over a new leaf in their state.

Gone are the days that same sex couples, particularly gay males, are viewed as “criminals” by the party! This is a major step out of the Stone Age .. say .. into the 21st 20th century.

Let’s not get confused here. It’s not the entire state of Montana we are calling out here. It’s simply the state’s GOP party that has their positions quite ass backwards (pun fully intended) at this time.

The Montana and U.S. Supreme Courts both ruled long ago that the state’s “criminalization” of homosexual acts unconstitutional. But, the GOP had maintained that belief. Now they have dropped that position, but still are opposed to same-sex marriage.

Guess you can’t win ’em all….



What do you think about the Montana GOP’s “evolution” away from criminalizing homosexual acts?

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