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Morgan Freeman Does Creepy Voice-Over for Obama Ad (VIDEO)

| On 15, Oct 2012

Actor Morgan Freeman has thrown his celebrity behind President Obama’s re-election campaign.  ::glares at Stacey Dash::

Mr. Freeman appears in a new Obama campaign ad titled, “Challenges,” as the voice-over talent. He was one of those unmistakable voices (similar to James Earl Jones) that can be recognized out of a crowd.

My first thought, however, was that Freeman’s voice was a bit creepy and historical for a campaign ad. I respect his work, but this is not a funeral for Obama. He might want to pep it up for future campaign ad gigs.

Freeman talks about some of the challenges faced by President Obama over the past four years and some broad issues he has ahead for his possible next term.



What do you think of President Obama’s new campaign ad titled, “Challenges?” 

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