New Jersey Residents Pissed About Half-Staff Flags for Whitney Houston

| On 16, Feb 2012

Some people in New Jersey are pissed that flags will be lowered on February 18 to honor Nippy.

Here is an interesting piece of controversy in the Garden State.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has taken some heat for ordering that all flags in the state fly at half-staff on the day of the funeral of the legendary Whitney Houston. The 48-year-old pop diva was found dead in her hotel room on February 11 in Beverly Hills, Calif. Toxicology reports have not confirmed the actual cause of death, though a mix of alcohol and prescription drugs is suspected.

It’s bad enough that Houston left us so young. Now some people in the state want to use this opportunity to bash the singer because of her past troubles with substance abuse. In short, some have said they don’t want to honor a “crackhead” (along with other demeaning names).

Yes, Whitney had her share of troubles. But, she was a lady and an entertainer who made a major mark on the music industry. Her contributions can never be overlooked and she never forgot where she came from in East Orange, New Jersey.

Think about it. Nobody ever refers to Elvis Presley as a druggie and a food addict. He died of an overdose of prescription drugs in 1977, which is strangely similar to Whitney’s situation. His legacy is hardly ever tarnished in that way. They even opened Graceland, a successful tourist attraction, to celebrate his life. He deserved it despite his struggles.

New Jersey .. tell some of your people to grow the hell up! Give Whitney the basic respect she deserves.

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