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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Newt Gingrich Gets Checked By Pissed-Off Black Voter

| On 09, Jan 2012

GOP candidate Newt Gingrich got his political wig ripped off by a pissed off black voter in New Hampshire of all places! (Photo credit unknown)

Newt Gingrich can miss me with this “high-browed elder statesman” gig he has been pulling lately. He acts like he is so above the back and forth of the campaign. In reality, he throws just as much dirt as the next candidate.

Gingrich was recently quoted as saying “the African-American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps.” He said he will make this the focus of his remarks if the NAACP ever invites him to speak at their annual convention.

After that comment, Newt shouldn’t worry about checking his inbox for an invite.

Gingrich finally met some pushback on the road while campaigning in New Hampshire. Yvan Lamothe, a black man, asked Newt a question at a townhall about some recent statements he made about African-Americans.

That’s when Lamothe lit into Newt’s ass…

“My point is, about a week ago — some time ago — you mentioned that black people should be able to earn a paycheck, not be on welfare, implying that black people in general are on welfare,” said Lamothe. “And I really took exception to that because it demeans my accomplishments, my hard work, because I have worked all my life. I have never been on welfare. You know about history. You know that back in the 1930s, Hitler started talking in Germany about a Jewish problem. My question to you is, do you think that blacks represent an American problem, and if you don’t think that, will you stop using blacks in general as a stepping stone or a punching bag?,” Lamothe said directly to the candidate, according to The Huffington Post. [SOURCE]


The wave of racial stupidity has been flowing over a few of the GOP candidates in the past week or so. Recently, Rick Santorum was in hot water when he mentioned the need for welfare reform to get black people working again.

::taps mic:: 

When are the candidates going to realize that there is a greater amount of white people on public assistance than blacks? The public perception is otherwise, but there are simply more white than black people in this country. It’s not a slight against anyone on welfare, but I wish they would do their homework before playing the blame game.

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