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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Newt Gingrich To Leave Presidential Race Next Week

| On 25, Apr 2012

Newt Gingrich has finally clocked into reality and decided to let his presidential bid go. (Photo via

Pride is an awful thing sometimes. In Newt Gingrich’s case, it’s been hilarious and sad to watch all at the same time.

Gingrich decided on Wednesday, after taking the beating of the century in the five “Yankee Primary” races, that he would exit the running for president.

But, get this. He won’t leave until May 1 when he announces his departure at a Washington, D.C. campaign event. That means for the next six days, Gingrich will still “officially” be in the race for president. LOL!

This lag time in leaving the race doesn’t really make a lot of sense. He should have dropped the mic immediately on his campaign and called a press conference to concede from his living room. I guess his fantasy has to fade off the way HE wants.

Gingrich will supposedly throw his support behind Mitt Romney’s bid for the White House. Sources close to him say he will also focus heavily on GOP wins in the House and Senate this fall.

Newt’s primary goal in life is to unseat President Obama from office in November. I guess delusion never really fades away.



Why do you think it took Newt Gingrich even longer than Rick Santorum to drop out of the GOP race for president?

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