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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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NJ-Gov. Chris Christie Squashes Gay Marriage Bill

| On 19, Feb 2012

This shrug must be NJ Gov. Chris Christie's way of saying he doesn't give a rat's ass about same-sex couples in his state. (Photo credit unknown)

The headline can be read almost literally, but it’s true.

Portly New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican,¬†exercised his executive power on Thursday when he vetoed the state legislature’s bill to allow gay marriage to proceed in the state. Christie is holding on to the hope that if the issue is passed in his state then the voters will have something to do with it and not him. Christie opposes gay marriage.

Same-sex New Jersey couples are already allowed to participate in civil unions. Marriage equality backers aren’t satisfied with that and claim discrimination in the unions.

The only thing left for the New Jersey Assembly and Senate to do is to override Christie’s veto with a two-thirds vote by the end of the legislative term in January 2014. As it stands, Democrats don’t have the votes to make that override happen. Republicans are too afraid to actually stand up to the governor.

Christie, as you may remember, averted a run for the White House last fall. His name is still being mentioned as a possible VP or Cabinet pick for whichever GOP candidate would have a chance in hell of making it to the White House.

So to keep his resume clean, he must keep it chock full of good wedge issue talking points like, “I shot down gay marriage while I was executive of my state.” It’s the only fair and right thing for a prominent Republican to do.

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