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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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No Proof Needed For Gender Change With Alaska DMV

| On 27, Jul 2012

State of Alaska seal

In a positive move for the transgendered community, drivers in Alaska will no longer have to show an official proof of surgery to verify their gender change with the Division of Motor Vehicles.

The new ruling will allow those seeking a license or state ID card to submit documentation from a health worker or psychologist showing they are undergoing treatment that will lead to a permanent gender change.

An Alaska court found that the previous rule of showing that surgery was complete was an invasion of privacy. The DMV is working now to implement the change and accomodate new rules for those seeking to change gender-identifiers on ID cards.

This is the type of story that would have never been top of mind for me had I not been researching and found it. Here’s a prime example of something many of us take for granted when we go through the mundane process of getting or renewing a driver license. Interesting…



What do you think of the more relaxed guidelines regarding changes in gender identification on Alaska driver licenses?


Thanks to Think Progress for the heads-up on the story!

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