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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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North Carolina Chucks Common Sense In Favor of Romney Support

| On 12, Jun 2012

Mitt Romney looks as confused as I do to why his stock is INCREASING in North Carolina. WTF? (Photo credit unknown)

North Carolina will never be content to be a state that simply hates gay people. They insist on taking it several steps further.

A new poll released today from Public Policy Polling shows that GOP presumptive candidate Mitt Romney has edged out President Obama in a potential matchup. He beat the president by a 48-46 percent margin, which is still within the 3.4 percent margin of error.

Making prediction this early in a political race is like telling a five-year-old to iron their college graduation outfit by bedtime. It’s just too soon.

For me, though, the poll is telling because more people are starting to support Mitt Romney. Clearly they haven’t checked the state’s unemployment rate that rests at 9.4 percent, more than a full percentage point above the national average. North Carolina topped out at 10.7 percent unemployment during the summer months of 2011.

And people in the Tarheel State think Mitt Romney is the answer to that issue? Walk me through how anyone arrives at that conclusion. This gets sadder by the day.



Do you see Mitt Romney’s rise in the polls in North Carolina as indicative of what could happen across the country against President Obama? 

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