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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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North Korea Gets Ballsy With New Rocket Launch

| On 12, Dec 2012

North Korea rocket launch

(Photo by Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images)

North Korea is in more trouble with the international community. And water is wet.

The nation launched its second long-range missile this year off of its western coast. The rocket is said to have passed over Japan and much of the East China Sea and is expected to land east of the Philippines.

Officials from North Korea say that the missile is supposed to put a satellite into space. However, several countries in the international community offered an immediate side-eye to that. They believe that NoKo is testing its long-range missile capabilities — you know, to blow up countries and people if the “need” ever arose for them. [insert sarcasm]

South Korea and Japan are not happy with the rocket launch. The latter country put its military on alert. South Korea, which shares the Korean Peninsula with the North, stays on alert everyday because the two countries are still technically in a war from the Korean War days.

The first rocket launch of this year, in April, ended with the rocket exploding and breaking up over the sea only minutes after taking off.

Expect to hear more members of the international community publicly bash North Korea’s bold move. Not too much they can do about it, though, since NoKo is such a closed-off nation.

How North Korea barely has electricity but can launch rockets is beyond me.

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