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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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Obama Ad Blasts Newt Gingrich for Statements On Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

| On 02, May 2012

This is the type of comedy you need on a Wednesday morning!

I woke up to an email from the campaign reminding me (duh!) that Newt Gingrich was officially dropping out of the presidential race today.

I’ve noticed a much more assertive Obama campaign as compared to 2008. Back then, they were on message and everywhere. Now, they presume Mitt Romney will be their opponent and attack not only him but those who have flip-flopped in supporting him. It seems quite targeted now.

This video only serves to properly re-insert Gingrich’s foot in his mouth. Obama’s video is most likely in response to Gingrich’s “advance video” he released on Tuesday telling supporters he was dropping out and working to “defeat Barack Obama.”

Using Newt’s words against him is one of the most solid comebacks. I love it!



What do you think of this style of campaign video from President Obama’s team?

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