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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Obama and Romney Keep Their Lunch Details Quiet

| On 03, Dec 2012

Mitt Romney Barack Obama lunch president White House Election 2012

(White House photo by Pete Souza)

While we were on hiatus much of the past two weeks, President Obama had a special guest at the White House for lunch.

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney stopped by and dined with the president on November 29. The White House billed the meeting as a way for the two men to get together and talk about ideas.

The thing is we really don’t know the exact details of what they talked about.

The lunch was closed to the press and the White House only offered one measly photo of the two men shaking hands on a tour of the Oval Office.

According to Jay Carney, Obama’s press secretary, the two men discussed ideas for the country moving forward. He also claimed the president would tap Romney for suggestions as needs arose in the second term. Those aren’t really intimate details, in my humble opinion.

In English all of that means that they ate, had small talk, and the president only offered to considered Romney’s ideas because the world is watching.

If I were Romney, it would have to hurt to have lunch in the place where I thought I would be working. Imagine what he thought as Obama gave him a tour of the Oval Office. The president probably said to himself, “Haaaaa haaaa …. You ain’t never gonna sit at this desk and run anything!” LOL LOL!!!!

P.S. – This is the best I’ve seen Romney looking since his sound defeat on November 6. He finally found his good suit and a working hairbrush. Miracles never cease….

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