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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Obama Barely Leading in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia

| On 24, May 2012

The race is tightening in certain states between Mitt Romney and President Obama. (Photo credit unknown)

Poll numbers are in for some of the toughest battleground states in the 2012 election.

The latest NBC/Marist poll is in and President Obama still has a heads-up over Mitt Romney in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia. The race is tight, however, and the president should expect to duke it out with Romney in key places until November 6.

Here’s a breakdown of how the candidates fare in these three battleground states:

  • Ohio — Obama 48% / Romney 42%
  • Florida — Obama 48% / Romney 44%
  • Virginia — Obama 48% / Romney 44%

Though the numbers are close in these states, we are still more than five months away from the election. That might as well be an entire lifetime. There are hundreds more polls, gaffes, promises, and let-downs to be had before we hang it up.

If you do NOT live in a battleground state, join me in the club of feeling ignored, overlooked, and misused as a voting bloc. Some days it feels as if this election is only about Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado, and a few others. But, still I rise……. LOL!



Who do you think will win the contests in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia between President Obama and Mitt Romney? 

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