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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Obama Campaign Focuses On Veterans and Military Families For Votes

| On 17, May 2012

The Obama campaign loves sub-groups to focus on for their voting efforts. Until now, Latinos, African-Americans, women, nurses, the LGBT community, and a few other groups received special attention.

Now, the Obama campaign has launched Veterans and Military Families for Obama. The concept is simple. The Administration has made supporting military families and the troops a priority since 2009. They have sounded the alarm about some sobering issues facing veterans, such as unemployment, homelessness, mental health issues, and access to healthcare.

It is now the campaign’s turn to engage this community and make their stories be heard in 2012. According to CNN, outreach efforts will be in 16 states, including Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Colorado, and Virginia.

Politically, this is a smart move for the president’s team. Though combat troops serve under the president despite party affiliation, veterans and military families don’t. They are good gauges of what may and may not be working in the military community and their spouses friends who do serve the country.

In short, the military community is a voting bloc that cannot be ignored.

It’s highly unpopular to knock combat troops and their families. I’m sure the campaign sees this as they brace for potential GOP backlash. Republicans will have to tread lightly around this one for fear of people saying they don’t support the troops.



What do you think of the Obama campaign’s extra focus on veterans and military families? 

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