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Obama Campaign Looking to Retool “Change” Slogan for 2012

| On 20, Feb 2012

The time is coming soon for President Obama to roll up his sleeves and get back out on the road in heavy 2012 campaign mode.

Like with any incumbent’s political campaign, there’s some behind-the-scenes revamping that needs to happen before the cowboy leaves the gate.

Do you remember the “Change We Can Believe In” or “Be the Change” slogans that the president used in 2008? Well, those are going bye-bye for a few reasons:

  1. All of the changes that people THOUGHT would happen when “Barack the Magician” took office didn’t take place. This is not entirely his fault, but some of it was. He gave in on a few items, backpeddled, and backtracked at times. He’s an imperfect politician looking to get elected and stay in office. What did you expect?
  2. Congress sucked ass in the worst way possible. I don’t think in the nearly 236 years of this country has our highest lawmaking body totally blown everybody’s high in America all at the same time. They did not go to Washington and do their duty to MAKE laws. They blocked progress, grandstanded, and failed the American people — Dems and GOP alike.
  3. Obama supporters almost drowned in the river of Tea that took over Congress in 2010. Key parts of the president’s base — like minority and youth voters — stayed at home during the 2010 midterm elections. This only furthered the Republican and Tea Party takeover of Congress (i.e., the spirit of total procrastination). This whole political system thing works when you (yes, YOU reading this) actually vote and participate.

Now the president is testing some new themes and reminding America of why he’s still a good fit for the White House. He touts unemployment numbers that are gradually improving, come-ups for the American auto industry, and the avoidance of another depression. I get it. Showcase your successes and mute your areas of improvement.

Those themes haven’t crossed over to the signage quite yet though. For now, it’s just “Obama 2012.” [see image above]


Do you agree with the Obama campaign’s decision not to highlight “change” in its 2012 messaging?

What would be your slogan for his team this year?

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