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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Obama Does Poorly Because He Was “Smoking Something” in Hawaii, Says Romney Surrogate (VIDEO)

| On 17, Jul 2012

Mitt Romney’s surrogates are at it again.

One of his high(er)-profile supporters, former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, took to FOX News on Tuesday morning to offer his frank opinion about President Obama’s job performance.

He offered the claim that, “[Obama] spent his early years in Hawaii smoking something…,” as the reason why he thinks job creation has been slow under Obama.

Jobs have been created under Obama, but I guess Sununu will overlook all that the president’s predecessor did to tank the economy. He should know better since he also served as a former White House chief of staff.

Sununu didn’t stop at television. He participated in a conference call later in the day where he reportedly said the president needs to “learn how to be an American.” That statement was in response to potentially offensive comments Obama made about small business owners last Friday in Virginia.

It’s hilarious how these talking heads are willing to bring up a candidate’s youthful past as a reason they are unfit for an office they ALREADY hold. Do we see President Obama and his people talking about when Mitt Romney harassed his gay classmate in high school? No. It’s not important and no one cares.

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