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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Obama Doesn’t Respect America’s “Anglo-Saxon Heritage,” Says Romney Adviser

| On 25, Jul 2012

Mitt Romney race London Anglo-Saxon

Poor Mitt Romney. One of his advisers was really reaching with an off-base “Anglo-Saxon” comment about Obama and the White House. (Photo by Christy Bowe/Globe Photos/Zuma)

Race is slowly creeping back into the 2012 election cycle.

As we saw yesterday, an Obama campaign surrogate in Virginia played a bit of the race card in a radio interview. Now Mitt Romney’s people have used the same tactic when talking about President Obama.

The Daily Telegraph out of London reported that an unnamed Romney adviser said the White House doesn’t “fully appreciate the shared [Anglo-Saxon] history” shared between the United States and Britain. He was attempting to make a case at why Romney would be better business for U.S.-British relations.


The statement is stupid at face value. This “adviser” forgot that Obama is the product of an African father and an ANGLO-SAXON (white) mother. Please tell me how he doesn’t appreciate that heritage and he was raise by a single Anglo mother?

The comments came just as Mitt Romney took off for a tour of Europe ahead of this week’s Olympics. He wants to improve his image as a foreign policy novice in enough time before the election. The world’s eyes are on Europe this week, so it’s a great time for it.

Folks in the Romney campaign have quickly distanced themselves from the remarks, according to the site Think Progress. They are denying that the statements ever happened. Reaching much?



Is Romney’s adviser correct that President Obama doesn’t fully appreciate the “Anglo-Saxon history” between the U.S. and Great Britain?

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