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Obama Launches War for Latino Voters With Spanish Ads (VIDEO)

| On 18, Apr 2012

The ever-critical Latino vote is being heavily courted this election cycle.

The voting bloc is key to a win for either President Obama or Mitt Romney, the presumed GOP nominee, later this year. Latinos have become increasingly pissed off with Republicans and their hardline stances on key issues including the economy and immigration.

So, the Obama campaign launched their attack on Wednesday, complete with Spanish language ads targeting Florida, Colorado, and Nevada.

I did notice, though, that each of these Spanish-speaking spokespersons have an eerily close connection to President Obama. They either work/volunteer for the campaign, went to one of his alma maters, or worked in the White House. Maybe the campaign was looking for that type of “insider” angle? I’d like to see more extension into the general Latino community in future spots.

To view each of the Obama campaign’s new spots, click here.



What do you think of the Obama campaign’s renewed push into the Latino community?

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