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Obama Makes An Extended Appearance On The Daily Show (VIDEO)

| On 19, Oct 2012


President Obama stopped by “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Thursday for an extended appearance on the satirical news show.

The president discussed his less-than-stellar debate performance on October 3 as compared to his recent one on October 16. He and Stewart also chatted about some of his goals for another term, successes, and a few other topics.

A stop at “The Daily Show” is always a friendly, yet important, one for the president. Their ability to cut through the BS with comedy is enviable. Also, the fact can’t be ignored that Jon Stewart is wildly popular among the Gen. Y/Millenial crowd — a group of people whose votes he needs.

At this point, I’m not surprised to see the president in ANY media forum. He has an election he is trying to win.


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