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Obama Raises $1 Million Just 90 Minutes After ABC Interview

| On 11, May 2012

(Photo credit unknown)

President Obama is having the best week ever when it comes to fundraising.

After his historic announcement on Wednesday that he supports same-sex marriage, the floodgates of money opened for the president. Only 90 minutes after the ABC News interview aired, the Obama campaign received $1 million in donations. That is $11,111 per minute. Unreal!

More money, however, doesn’t always equal support for the president. There are groups of people still who fundamentally believe that same-sex couples should not wed. Despite deep pockets being emptied in favor of his announcement, the president still has the tough work of not making gay marriage THE issue of the election cycle.

Hopefully, the president will be able to turn this cash into media strategy to keep the national conversation on the important issues facing us in November.



Are you surprised by the almost-immediate financial support the Obama campaign has received in the wake of the president’s same-sex marriage announcement? 

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