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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Obama Releases More Spanish Ads For Latino Voters (VIDEO en Español)

| On 30, May 2012

President Obama is going to make sure he is front and center in the Latino community this election cycle.

On Wednesday, his campaign released its third round of Spanish language ads to air in specific battleground markets — Nevada, Colorado, and Florida.

The themes are similar to those in the English ads, including reminders about the economy, jobs, education, and how the president has fared on these topics. 

The three new ads feature the same Spanish-speaking Obama for America campaign workers who were featured before. I keep saying I want to see testimonials from Latinos who do NOT work for the Obama campaign. But, they don’t hear me. Is there no one else who speaks Spanish to sing the president’s praises?

Mitt Romney is a tough opponent on the English-speaking side of the equation. However, he hasn’t shown up for battle at all with Latinos. What’s up with that?

To watch the other two Spanish language ads in this series, click here and here.



What do you think about President Obama’s constant outreach to the Spanish-speaking community? 

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