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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Obama Sends Kick In the Pants to Supporters About Fundraising

| On 07, Aug 2012

Barack Obama president Election 2012 fundraising

President Obama is getting frustrated with his fundraising totals versus Mitt Romney. (Photo credit unknown)

The Obama campaign mulled over the latest campaign fundraising totals between their team and Romney’s.

Whatever Team Romney is doing, the cash is rolling in!

For July, the presumptive Republican nominee pulled in a cool $101 million from supporters. The president, on the other hand, raised $75 million. In a race that is defined by how much you can outspend your opponents, these facts matter.

The Obama campaign, ever the social media gurus, took to email to light the fire under their supporters’ asses for more money. Here’s a portion of what Monday’s email said:

Obama doesn’t have his back against the wall just yet. I’m assuming that the large amounts of cash he raised from his first campaign have sustained him a bit. His campaign is not poor by any stretch of the imagination.

However, the “If we don’t step up…” line is a bit different from the campaign. They seem intent on reminding everyone that Romney has some well-heeled donors who are blowing the hinges off of their bank accounts to get money in his coffers.



Have you donated to the Obama campaign for the 2012 election? Why or why not? 

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